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Geoey Cook – Atlanta

These guys were great. I started with a traditional lender, but being a business owner I ran into issues with tax transcripts that derailed our closing. Bill Medley was able to find an alternative mortgage package for us that enabled us to refi our first house and buy another too! Five stars all day long.

Geoey Cook – Atlanta, GA
Sean Murphy – Woodstock

Working with Bill and the rest of the team at QuestRock was an easy and seamless experience. They answered any and all questions I had along the way, and were very patient throughout the process. I highly recommend them!

Sean Murphy – Woodstock, GA
Sri M. – Stone Mountain

I financed two of my homes with QuestRock and my experience interacting with Bill Medley and Lisa Berchock during the loan process I found Bill to be both professional and personable during my first call. He is very straightforward and delivers what he promises.

Sri M. – Stone Mountain, GA
T. Copp – Decatur

“I’ve had the best experience with Bill and the company. It was so quick and easy to get everything done in the time frame I was looking for. They are a very professional and personal team. Thanks for all your help! I will definitely give you referrals!”

T. Copp – Decatur, GA
Kelley Rhinehart – Valdosta

It was a pleasure doing business with Bill and his team. They were professional, personable and dependable. Our experience with QuestRock was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Kelley Rhinehart – Valdosta, GA
Chuck Calhoun – Blue Ridge

We lowered our interest rate significantly as Bill found rates that were very competitive with reasonable closing costs. From our initial loan application to closing, was less than four weeks. My wife and I have owned 10 homes through the years and dealt with many mortgage companies. Bill is a real professional and one of the best at providing fast, efficient and accurate service.

Chuck Calhoun – Blue Ridge, GA
Zac Campbell – Buckhead

QuestRock was absolutely the best service and support we’ve ever experienced during our latest purchase! With out a doubt will use them again. Thanks again for everything QuestRock! “You Rock!” 🙂

Zac Campbell – Buckhead, GA
Bill Chambers

“Excellent, very professional group. Got approved for refinance in less than 30 days.
They worked closely with us and found ways to save us money.

Highly recommended!!! Looking for another home now and will use again.”

Bill Chambers,
Guerdy Valcin

“I would definitely recommend the QuestRock team. They got my clients approved with a great rate and Lisa diligently facilitated their file to the closing table.
They answered all their questions and made the process painless for my first time home buyers!”

Guerdy Valcin,
Tom S. – Woodstock

“I have worked with Bill multiple times over the last several years. The first time was when I purchased my first home; I have since sold that home, bought a different one, plus refinanced that one. Bill has done the financing on all occasions as I’ve learned that I can trust his knowledge.”

Tom S. – Woodstock, GA

Get Answers To Questions Like:

  • How much house can I afford? 
  • Do I need to put money down? 
  • What will my payment be?
  • Is this the right home for me and my family?
  • Can I avoid paying mortgage insurance?
  • Do I get a home inspection? What is the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal?
  • Rent vs buy – how much are you spending on rent? How much home can you buy with that payment?

Custom Tailored Options & Honest Answers. Zero Pressure.

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Buying and Renting?
  • How Much House can You Afford? How to avoid being house poor.
  • What is an Escrow Account, and How Does it Work? Do I Need One?
  • Do I need down payment money and if so, how much?
  • How low can I get my payment?
  • 3% down reduced mortgage insurance for first time homebuyers.

Let us help you get a fantastic deal in this market

  • Ask about our 5% down payment Conventional loan with zero mortgage insurance required
  • Buying and selling. How to transition to your new home at the lowest cost
  • Learn how to have success Buying a Home in Today’s Market 
  • How Much Is Your Home Worth?  Let us show you 
  • What pitfalls should I avoid when buying a home?
  • Learn about our Equity Acceleration Program
  • Let us show you how to sell your home for top dollar

Ask about our Investor Capital Loan

  • Learn the critical steps to finding the right investment property.
  • Let us show you how future rent can be used to buy more homes
  • No personal income is necessary to qualify
  • Qualifications can be based on property cash flow
  • Interest only payments available – lower payments
  • How to maximize your tax benefits and how to make long term residual money
  • How to buy, sell and flip houses without paying capital gains taxes
  • How to market, list, and rent your home with little oversight needed 

Want to buy a bigger house, but don’t like the monthly payment? Ask us about our Credit Accelerator. We will Accelerate your credit score with our cutting-edge technology which could enable you to get a much lower payment before you commit to buy a home.

I am ready to look at homes.  What do I do?  Do I really need a Real-Estate Agent?

  • No Agent? No problem. We complete purchases without agents all the time. Our QR Concierges are well trained to fill that role at zero charge to you.
  • Need an Agent? We partner with the best agents in your area that work to keep money in your pocket by not charging unnecessary fees.

Our Simple 3-Step System Eliminates The Headaches & Gets You Closed Fast.

First, we’ll help you define your goals and discover opportunities. Whether you’re buying your first home or purchasing an investment property, understanding your objectives will let us find opportunities you didn’t know you were missing.

Next, we’ll guide you through obtaining and preparing the documentation you’ll need to complete your application. We’ll only ask for what’s necessary, to protect your time and ensure maximal efficiency. Even if you weren’t approved in the past, don’t have recent tax returns, or have a lot of write-offs, our experts will guide you through every obstacle – preventing you from making the common mistakes that waste time and money.

Finally, you’ll receive your approval and be ready to move forward with purchasing. For most of our clients, this process takes just a few days – compared to the weeks or months you could spend trying to figure it out on your own. With the proven track record of our team, you’ll know that you’re receiving the best possible payment.

Find out how to get a mortgage approval with a payment you’ll love during a free discovery call.

– Discover innovative options specifically for business owners and the self employed
– No credit check needed
– Learn the common mistakes that block approval
Our team is looking forward to helping you reach your goals.